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“Twenty years ago, cars do not come with air-conditioning units. Twenty years later, almost all cars come with aircon. It took me less than a second to decide to invest in V-KOOL because it has the potential…just like aircon….”

Dennis Tan
Managing Director, V-KOOL Malaysia


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V-KOOL, previously known as XIR film, is the only film technology in the world that is chosen by top European car manufacturers for their OEM automotive windows. The film is encapsulated between laminated glass to make an infrared reflecting, UV absorbing barrier. Each year, it is estimated that more than one million new cars are installed with V-KOOL/XIR technology at OEM level to keep occupants safer, more comfortable and to protect the car interior from fading due to UV ray. In Europe, there are more than 16 models currently using this technology and they include Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Volvo, Opel. Over 7.4 million cars in Europe were incorporated with V-KOOL Technology!

Tinted glass windows cannot deliver the same level of comfort and solar control as V-KOOL. The German engineers took 6 years to validate the performance of V-KOOL Technology and Popular Science magazine, the largest international Science and Technology magazine nominated the V-KOOL/XiR Technology as one of the Top Inventions of the Millennium….Need we say more?

How V-KOOL Enhances Your Bottomline
V-KOOL Technology is associated with brand prestige and premium. By incorporating V-KOOL Technology as a standard into your existing glass windows/products, you gain the advantage of:-

  • Differentiating your products from your competitors’
  • Enhancing the brand perception of your products
  • Commanding a premium for your products
  • Increasing the selling price and resale value of your products
  • Enhancing your business bottomline

If you belong to any of the following categories, let us explore how we can help you enhance your bottomline. Simply email to us now and we will direct you to the relevant parties in your country to assist you.

  • Car Manufacturer
  • New/Used Car Dealer
  • Auto Accessories Dealer
  • Glass Manufacturer
  • Glass Fabricators

OEM/PDI Brands
Here’s a snapshot of the car models incorporated with V-KOOL Technology. If the vehicles or glass products you are selling do not have V-KOOL incorporated, simply send us an enquiry on how we can retrofit your products to enhance your bottomline.